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Purchase Agreement

This agreement pertains to the terms and conditions of purchasing products and services from It is important to thoroughly read and comprehend all conditions before making any purchases.

The cost of service covers store design, setup, and products but does not include hosting. You will be required to pay a Shopify subscription fee of $29+ to activate your store, if you chose a $5 starter plan, you WILL NOT get access to the full store until a higher plan is selected.

Customers are responsible for any costs incurred from apps or after free trials expire. Profit Vend is not responsible for the stock or inventory of any respective product or supplier after the store is delivered, as these are subject to change or removal at any time.

Profit Vend does not charge subscription or recurring fees for store building or creation services. Fees are a one-time payment, and upon delivery of the store, Profit Vend releases all liability and rights to the store. Customers are responsible for any charges that occur if they upgrade, use, install, or purchase any apps. Profit Vend takes no responsibility for future subscription payments or charges resulting from the expiry of free trials or app sign-ups.

Technical support includes help with app support and basic store functions such as importing products. Standard support becomes void if the customer does not have an active Shopify subscription. Theme or layout customization is not included in technical support, and services rendered are final. Technical support does not include store or business management, and customers are responsible for running their own store, including any changes made after the store is completed.


As Shopify payment gateway policies prohibit the sale of certain substances and items. Profit Vend does not take responsibility or provide payment gateway/setup for unapproved products, and customers are responsible for their own payment gateway approvals.

Upon receiving an order, Profit Vend confirms the purchase within 48 hours and provides an estimated delivery time. However, this estimate does not guarantee on-time delivery. If Shopify is down or experiences any shutdown, the store may be delayed until Shopify is back online.

You acknowledge that you are receiving a pre-built store, these are stores that are pre-built prior to purchase, which means multiple customers may receive a similar or the same design.


Profit Vend is not responsible for managing the store, products, or changing product pricing. Upon delivery of the website or dropshipping store, Profit Vend releases all liability and is exempt from any damages or liability. Prices of products are subject to change by any supplier, and Profit Vend is not held responsible for any product price.

Profit Vend guarantees the provision of a website with the potential to generate online income, but cannot guarantee success or profit. The success of an online business depends on various factors, most of which will be the customer's responsibility after receiving the website.


There is no guarantee that customers will earn any money using the techniques and ideas or software provided by Profit Vend. The examples on the website are not a promise or guarantee of earnings. Success depends on individual factors such as time, finances, knowledge, and skills, and Profit Vend is not responsible for any actions taken by the customer. Forward-looking statements on the website express opinions of earnings potential, and customers' actual results will depend on various factors, with no guarantees made by Profit Vend.

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